Monday, June 21, 2010

When Night Fall.. After Sunset

This is my second post at Kelanang Beach.. We wait till dawn to snap some long exposure and sunset view.. eventhough the water is tide and the mosquitoe is mob over our head something must been done before we going home..
enjoy the humble pic.. :)

Sunset setting 135mm, f/25, 1/13sec
ISO 200

Fallen tree in Sillhoutte
18mm, f/20, 1/125sec, ISO 320

40mm, f/18, 1/10sec, ISO 200

22mm, f/25, 1sec, ISO 220

Fallen tree silver and gold version
22mm, f/22, 2sec, ISO 200

The mighty white
20mm, f/25, 20sec, ISO 320

Simplycity minimalis
24mm, f/25, 30sec, ISO 200


afdni said...

gler cantek bler dah edit..

PaNg5_BaDoL said...

Pakai photoscape jerk.. huahuahua.. Ps tak khatam laie..

A FUN DEE said...

gambar kedua adalah contoh yang baik yang mana kesemua elemen 'Blend' tetapi sunset masih menjadi kekuatannya.. good one bro =)