Monday, June 21, 2010

Outing Klang Old Town

My Old Town Klang.. Not prepared to go outing this time.. just grab my ride (125z) and with my battery is drying out, not enough sleep cause last night after taking pic at Pulau Indah we went home around 4am..

Old bridge, double decker bridge. Above the bridge is for vehicle (main road), and this is for light vehichle such as bike and bicycle..

look alike ha..

Thanks to my friend Caduk willing to take a time going outing.

Safety first

Unranted shop lot at Digital Mall

The Blues..


Maman said...

Thumbs up bro.. walau pun tak prepare but Your shooting skill is amazing!

PaNg5_BaDoL said...

maman : thanks maman! just a noob in photog arena. still in learning process :D