Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outing Kelanang Beach

Last Saturday, me and my friend Zahar a.k.a Caduk & Azs a.k.a Bob went for outing at Kelanang beach located at Banting nearby Morib beach.. actually the reason we went there is to test Caduk ND filter and Bob wide lens.. As for me just my 18-135mm and D40.. Also it's my first time went outing and learn the technique setting to shot landscape.

So.. enjoy.. :)

Fallen trees are every where.. trying to shot from the different angle..

Hi.. i'm Mr. Crab.. Spongebob and Patrick is not here..

While taking all this shot we realize that the ebb tide already.. so we wait till dawn and trying to shot in long exposure.. next post..


afdni said...

owwhh.. saper mamat encem yg interframe tu.. kwang kwang kwang..

PaNg5_BaDoL said...

huh.. nasib jerk.. aku suroh posing.. bukti laki ko ade ngan aku masa tuh.. huahuahua.. tak nyempang..