Friday, June 24, 2011


Contest again.. But this time is all about VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY..
Thanks to for organized this contest..
Contest end 30th June 2011..
3 best selected picture will be awarded as a winner..

rainbow after rain : VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY

Here's all my photo to be judge by the owner of the contest.. look like vintage to me.. Hope she will see the same.. 
enjoy..  :)

Two half & a man

 Just like old days

Anybody home..?? 
Someone please open the door.!!

Tag to 3 peep..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amy Search in person

Suhaimi bin Abdul Rahman (born in 28th July 1958); known as Amy Search) is a rock singer that popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. The group was founded in 1981 by Yazit (drums), Hillary Ang (guitar), Nasir (bass guitar), and Zainal (guitar, vocals). The group went through many line-up changes in its career, but the songs and music remained strong and unique among Malaysian and Singaporean fans. To date, they have released eleven studio albums, a number of live, compilation and joint (with Wings) albums. They have been regarded by Malaysian rock fans as the greatest rock band in Malaysia with their numerous hits along with rock anthems.

Anuar Zain in person

Shahrul Anuar Zain (born 15 February 1970) is a Malaysian singer and model (for Dockers). He has had three albums released, all of which have been named after him. The first album was released in 1998, consisting of 10 songs. His first single after a hiatus was "Bila Resah". The second album was released in 2002 and his most recent album came out in 2007. A multi award-winning artist, Zain successfully countersued his former record company, Synchrosound Records, for overdue royalty payments in May 2010

  • Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM)
    • Penyanyi Baru Lelaki Terbaik
    • Penyanyi Lelaki Terbaik

  • Anugerah Personaliti Hiburan (APH)
  • Penyanyi Lelaki Solo / Berkumpulan
  • Anugerah Era (Ae'03)
    • Vokal Lelaki Pilihan
  • Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM)
    • Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album ( Lelaki )
    • Lagu Terbaik ( Keabadian Cinta )
  • Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABP)
    • Penyanyi Lelaki Popular
  • Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM)
    • Penyanyi Lelaki Paling Popular
  • Anugerah Media Hiburan 2003–2004
    • Penyanyi Lelaki
    • Artis Lelaki Kacak
  • Anugerah Hype!
    • Penyanyi Lelaki (Local) Ter-Hype! 2004
  • Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM)
    • Artis Lelaki Popular
  • Anugerah Era (Ae'05)
    • Vokal Lelaki Pilihan
  • Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM)
    • Artis Lelaki Terbaik
  • Anugerah Stail Eh! 2008
    • Selebriti Lelaki Paling Bergaya

Born in Merlimau, Malacca, Zain is the younger brother of fellow artist Ziana Zain

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dayang Nurfaizah in person

Dayang Nurfaizah binti Awang Dowty (born July 20, 1981 in KuchingSarawak) is a Malaysian singer. Her debut self-titled album was released in May 1999 and it was recorded in the pop and R&B genres. The album's lead single, Hakikat Cinta introduced her to the local music industry.
Her biggest task up then, to mark her fifth year in the Malaysian music industry, was to set up her own recording company, DN & AD Entertainment Sdn Bhd. Under its banner, in 31 October 2004 she released her fourth studio album, Dayang Sayang Kamu, which was received with rave reviews from the Malaysian public as well as neighbouring countries

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby's and Kid's Portrait

During the Mother's day event, I manage to took some portraiture of baby's and kid's. It's a wonderful thing that sometimes we cannot translate the feeling when they smiling in front of our lens and ready to be taken their picture..
It's never too late to wish Happy Mother Days..
Thanks to all mother out there for being very patient in raising the child.. It's a job that don't need an interview of practical training.. It's come from the pure heart..

Thanks again for all your sacrifice to taking care of our life and future..

Lefthanded smart boy.. huhuhuu..

Nurul's Outdoor Photo Shoot

A simple photo shoot at my workplace Westports (M) after finish my job for the Mother's Day programme. As usual i'm the photographer for the event. 
This photo is taken just beside the Tower Block nearby my M&E workshop.
Thanks dear for beaing very-very sporting that day..

Love you so much..

Which one is better..?? Antique version or BnW version

A sweet pose.. I like.. hehehehe..

Adree is sleeping already..

Please don't go.. I promise i'll be a good boy..

 I love you Ummi's.. Papa also love you..

I need a rest for a while Ummi's.. 

My favourite shoot of the day..

Fahmi's Family Outing

Happy 3rd birthday to Shafizriel Arif bin Fahmi .. Wishing you had a bright future and be a good boy.. 
After finish the birthday party that held at McD Sec 3 Shah Alam. We went for outdoor photo shoot nearby the Shah Alam Lake.. It's a simple outdoor shoot but they having a great time together.. (One happy family)..
So.. Enjoy my humble photo shoot..  


Feena's and son

Model of the day

One Love, One heart

Ehem..ehemm.. Soo.. sweet haahh..

Classic and oldies mode..

Arif is very sporting that day..

Buddies.. Arif and my son Ammar Adriell

A bridge to happiness

Hi..  is this sit available..??

Thanks to Fahmi's family for inviting me to be a photographer for his son's birthday.. Wish a lot of bless and happiness towards your family.. 
Till the end of life..