Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I like NIPPON PAINT because..

..NIPPON PAINT is THE PAINT EXPERT.. The product that produce is an :
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Superior washability
  • Scrub resistance
  • (that why I like NIPPON PAINT!!).
It's save and feel confident in using the NIPPON PAINT. It's a water base kind of paints and natural binder without heavy metal and other pollutants. With their new technology they have produce the environmental friendly kind of paint (that why I like NIPPON PAINT!!).

.. Now days a lot of brand and types of various paint selling in the market. But do we know the side effect using the paint that contains VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound ).?? It's a harmful chemicals that vaporize into gases at room temperature, contributing to air-pollution and various health problem. Mostly for those with weak resistance will cause health issue such as throat, eye and nose irritation. It may effect lung, liver and immune system..(that why I like NIPPON PAINT!!).

.. Therefor choose only Water-Base paints with low VOC content only from NIPPON PAINT THE PAINT EXPERT. It's also understand the mood inside you. And give a colorful and happiness sweet moment when it's attach near and also besides you.. (that why I like NIPPON PAINT!!).

My current paint faded due leaking from my water pipe
 arrgghhh.. someone please help me.. especially from NIPPON PAINT

Simple decoration.. hua..hua..hua..

  I'm sure the NIPPON PAINT community will proof it to me when they arrive at my home to fill the
          colour of peace, calm, joy and harmony to proof that the NIPPON PAINT is a famous outstanding
          PAINT EXPERT.. (that why I LOVE NIPPON PAINT!!).

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