Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poor Liltle Aisya

It's a very unlucky day for my daughter Aisya age 7 month. When a careless waiter at a Restaurant somewhere at Section 9 Shah Alam behind Concord Hotel, slip a HOT tomyam soup that he carry using his right hand onto my Baby and causing an injury 1 degree of burn and 6% of injury at her left side of body..

A report from Pantai Medical Centre Klang Doctor, I've been told that the burning area are quite deep especially at her left thigh and her left hand & fingers. Doctor suggested to undergo an operation to remove a burn dead skin and temporarily covered using an artificial skin to protect an opening skin from infection.  

It's an accident that cannot been accepted due a waiter cannot serve a hot meal beside a child and also serving without a tray event ho it's only 1 item to be serve.. 

Poor lil Aisya.. Papa promise papa will take an action to the Restaurant Owner and make sure that they will take a full responsibility of your injury and bare all the cost and possibility that gonna happen in the future because of their own mistake.

Left hand & fingers that blister quite seriously because it effect the joint of the fingers.. I just figure it out the burning skin and the blister the day after she had her 2nd treatment at Pantai Medical Centre Klang.

Her right thigh until knee is quite serious burn. She just started learning to crawl.. The dead skin will be remove and replace it with an artificial skin to protect an opening from the infection.

A liltle pray from all the blogger reader is much appreciated.. and hopping that she'll recover as her normal life..

Will update the result and photos of my lil Aisya after the operation finish..


Alice Lynn Alfred said...

Sweet baby....this truly breaks my heart....thank you for sharing remind me to think of the others who are hurting and suffering in the world.....

Zaff Zafrina said...

it truly break my heart.. semoga aisya cepat sembuh.. and semoga u & wifey dpt bersabar banyak-banyak. :'(