Friday, September 23, 2011

Poor lil Aisya Recovering process #1

It's been a while since my Lil Aisya discharge for PMC a week ago.. She is now under recovering process as she needs a full care to ensure her new skin grow according to plan.. Her artificial skin slowly loosen from the burning and form a new skin..
She had to stay in fully air-conditioning room to avoid blister to her new skin.. This will cause me double for my electricity bill. As my wife had to apply unpaid leave till my lil Aisya fully recovered..

Every night she'll cry in pain because of the injury that she facing right now..  At least on every 2-3 hour during night time she'll wakes up and scream due the burn area take effect..

Sleeping beauty..

An artificial skin is cover up the burning area to ensure a new skin grow without attending dressing every day.

I wonder how it feels.. Does the owner of the restaurant didn't feel anything when one of his regular customer suffer because of his waiter negligence cause an injury like this..??

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