Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dinner At Tony Roma's Restaurant Sunway Pyramid

Celebrating anniversary at Tony Roma's Restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. It's my first time been to this restaurant introduce by my friend 'Cadok' saying the satisfaction eating the famous steak TENNESSE BEEF STEAK. Some photos for your references if you plan to visit Tony Roma's one day..

The enterence of famous steak in town Tony Roma's

A complimentary bread come with garlic spread

Onion Loaf..

Kids free meal Rib Beef ( it's really free you know..)

Tennesse Beef Steak ( the waiteress will ask you either wanna half done or well done. The waiteress suggest to try half done ). But we Malaysian normally will eat something that well done. So if you wanna try just go ahead.

BBQ Chicken ordered by my wife

Last but not least.. Deseart for my son ( Papa and Ummi will finish it for you.. hehehee ).

Tony Roma’s
Lot LL 1.43, Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3 Julan PJS 11-15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petling Jaya, Selangor



afdni said...

incik badol, sile letakkan shoutbox pada blog anda yer.. senang tuk sayer ngumpat disitu..tima kacih..

Jeng!Jeng!Jeng! said...

ni blog ko ke Amal?

Ken Teh said...

Nice photos you have there! :D Great works!

pang5_badol said...

baek la puan cadok. permintaan mu akan ku perkenankan.

ye la bang O. ni blog amal la. x follow ke. hehe..

PANG5_BADOL said...

ken teh,
thanks bro! just a noob photographer :)