Saturday, May 7, 2011

Charity Program By Westports

Once again i've been hired by my company to follow up the progress of the corporate event in charity.. which is to help the disability people around the Westports Area. One of them known as En. Kamaruddin bin Jantan lost his capability to thinks normally since past 2-3 years ago has been adopted by Westports (M) to make good his living environment.

Veiling behind the smile  

Work on progress by the awarded contractor

Eventho sometimes we always complaining about our life is isn't enough from what we earn.. Remember there's always someone is more facing a hard live in this world.. So,, be thankful for what The Creator has given to our life..

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CheNal said...

syabas . . . satu usaha murni semoga segala kebaikan yang dihulurkan meringankan beban yang ditanggung oleh beliau.