Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to Langkawi again..

It's been a while since my last update.. Welcome to Langkawi again.. For the last weekend 3 family me, Cadok & Deans family gather and went for holiday at Langkawi island. it's a 3 days 2 night at Langkapuri Resort ( Na O Mei ) shoot the drama at this location..
Manage to get some wonderful shoot for night, landscape, sunset and snap shot..
So enjoy this humble pic from my humble lens..

Langkapuri resort nearby this Landmark at Chenang Beach

Sunset using my D.I.Y filter hehehehe.. ( tinted from D.I.Y glass )

A view from cable car. This brige was close during our vist due maintenance on progress..
Damm.. %&*..!!*#

Sunset and prop ( Langkapuri chair )

Brasilian couple

Book worm ( cun beb )..

I think i'm lost.. somebody please guide me.. :)

Landscape in black & white

Free seat for two.. Not free actually ( must pay first RM 5/seat )

D.I.Y filter turning my pic to red color

The pic of the birds are taken during our visit to Bird Paradise, A lot of species of bird that you can find there, and the fish pic taken at Under Waterworld Langkawi..

Another family outing location is Sabah after Eid..

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